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Health is wealth and a Mediclaim Policy is the best way to insure it. Mediclaim is the best solution that you can use to cover up all medical expenses. These policies cover the insured person for in-patient hospitalization provide extensive coverage including room charges, boarding expenses, nursing expenses, operation theatre charges, ICU charges, surgeon fees, specialist fees, medical practitioner, consultant fees, cost of medicines and drugs, blood, oxygen, diagnostic test, cost of pacemaker, artificial limbs, etc. Pre and post hospitalization, pre-existing diseases, day care treatment, domiciliary hospitalization, cost of health check-up, ambulance charges, etc. are also covered. Also the premium paid is eligible for tax benefit under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. You can avail the benefit of discount in premium for every claim free year of the policy. Some of policies also offer cashless hospitalization service at all network hospitals. Today, there are several insurance companies offering wider health coverage at affordable premium rates. We bring to you different products available to suit your best requirements.

Health Insurance (popularly known as Medi-claim Policy) offers protection from unexpected medical emergencies, providing a financial support.

Health insurance therefore, can be a source of support as it takes care of the financial burden your family may have to go through. It will help you tackle such situations with ease by providing you with timely and adequate medical care.

This policy covers individual & ones family from medical expenses during; Sudden illness,surgeries (acquired in respect of any disease, which has arisen during the policy period.), accidents including room charges, doctor's fees, medicines, tests etc.that may arise in future.

Options available -Family Floater, Individual Health Insurance, Individual Health Insurance + Critical Care, Critical Care, Personal Accident, Top Up Policy, Health Policy Including OPD Coverage, Family Floater Including Parents or in-laws.